LED Flood Lights – Elegenza Series

Elegenza series flood light is an elegantly & intelligently designed luminaire with a modular approach towards lighting design and its requirements. Available in 30 to 60 watts and lumens output from 3000 lm-6000 lm,theseflood lights makes it a one powerful luminaire to cater to various applications. Its robust construction using aluminium extrusion and a polycarbonate lens plate makes it a sturdy luminaire for outdoor applications.

Applications :

Outdoors, facade lighting, hoardings, stadiums, Malls, commercials , monuments etc.

Features :

  • High grade aluminium pressure die cast housing
  • Toughened glass cover
  • Constant current driver with effeciency>90%
  • Life span of led over 50000 hours
  • Special protection like Reverse EMI, Over voltage up to 300V, Surge voltage up to 4KV provided
  • Light source High efficiency globally branded LEDs with Ra>70.
  • Built-in, replaceable electronic driver with APFC
  • Output Short Circuit Protection,
  • Surge Voltage Protection & Over Voltage Protection.
  • Efficient housing design results in 90% light utilisation.
  • Heat resistant and toughened glass.
  • Excellent thermal management –Ideal heat
  • dissipation with good quality heat sink.
  • Wide operating voltage range of 230V AC.
  • Wide Beam angle with uniform light distribution.
  • Low power consumption thus provides significant energy cost savings.
  • Durable & long lasting, up to 50,000 operating hours with low maintenance.
  • LED Efficacy > 100 Lm/W.
  • High Power factor with >0.9 and low THD.
  • IP65 Water & Dust Proof.
  • Optimized heat

Product Range

Elegenza series Flood Lights are available in given below specifications:

Elegenza Series (E FL30W )


Technical Specifications:

Model No E FL30W
Wattage 30W
Light Source 3030 LED
CCT 3000K/4000K/6500K
Lumen Output 3000lm
LED Beam Angle 120*
Power Factor >0.95
IP Rating IP65

Elegenza Series (E FL50W /FL60W)

E FL50W /FL60W

Technical Specifications:

Model No E FL50W E FL60W
Wattage 50W 60W
Light Source 3030 LED 3030 LED
CCT 3000K/4000K/6500K 3000K/4000K/6500K
Lumen Output 5000lm 6000lm
LED Beam Angle 120* 120*
Power Factor > 0.95 > 0.95
IP Rating IP65 IP65