LED Flood Lights : "Luminaire for Outdoor Applications"

Param LED designed flood light is  a perfect  luminaire with a modular approach towards lighting design and its requirements. We offer best-in-class range of Flood Light Enclosures. Widely used in the parks, shopping mall, exhibition hall, parking lot, commercial Pedestrian Street, corridor and galleries, this light is exclusively designed and developed with latest technology using fine quality components. his flood light enclosures are attractive in design and shape that comes in various sizes and provides high performance.

These  floodlights can be mounted both horizontally and vertically. The presence of an adjustable stand will enable you to point the light at various angles. It has a life span of around 50000 hours which makes it suitable for long term usage.

Applications :

Outdoors, facade lighting,  hoardings, stadiums, Malls, commercials, monuments etc.

Features :

  • High grade aluminium pressure die cast housing
  • Toughened glass cover
  • Constant current driver with efficiency>90%
  • Life span of led over 50000 hours
  • Special protection like Reverse EMI, Over voltage up to 300V, Surge voltage up to 4KV provided
  • Light source High efficiency globally branded LEDs with Ra>70.
  • Built-in, replaceable electronic driver with APFC
  • Output Short Circuit Protection,
  • Surge Voltage Protection & Over Voltage Protection.
  • Efficient housing design results in 90% light utilisation.
  • Heat resistant and toughened glass.
  • Excellent thermal management –Ideal heat
  • dissipation with good quality heat sink.
  • Wide operating voltage range of 230V AC.
  • Wide Beam angle with uniform light distribution.
  • Low power consumption thus provides significant energy cost savings.
  • Durable & long lasting, up to 50,000operating hours with low maintenance.
  • LED Efficacy > 100 Lm/W.
  • High Power factor with >0.9 and low THD.
  • IP65 Water & Dust Proof.
  • Optimized heat

Product Range

These LED Flood Lights comes in Elegenza, Elegenza+ and Elegenza++ series in different available wattages and temperature control. These outdoor lighting fixtures are of the best quality and offer bright, even illumination across a wide area. It is dust proof and waterproof. Tested by quality based experts, it has a long lifespan and can be utilised over a long span of time. It is compliant with IP-66 specifications and can withstand weather changes over a long-time period.