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Do LED Lights Help in Saving Money?

LED lights are currently the most talked about as well-considered for energy efficiency use, environmentally friendly benefits, and most importantly a cost saving choice. These are the reason why even residential and commercial lighting is using LED illuminations.

We are sure that most of us have even heard of incandescent and compact fluorescent light bulbs yes I am talking about CFL’s. So, how are LED’s are revolutionary, cost effective and an efficient lighting solution in comparison to CFL’s.

  •    CFL’s release about 80% of its energy as heat in comparison to a LED emit very little heat
  •    LEDs emit light is a specific direction thus, you do not need any diffuser or reflector to trap lights
  •    A CFL will last for about 8,000 hours whereas LED lights lasts for about 25,000 hours considering these in lumens.

Here are few reason why LED Lights Help in Saving Money:

  •    LED lights are more energy efficient

Day by day our expenses on our electricity bills are increasing and it is becoming really difficult to keep a track on how are we supposed to maintain it. Changing your lighting of the house to LED lighting will let you get a drastic change in your electricity bills.

  •    Elevated use and life span

An average span of a LED light is much more than CFL as well as conventional incandescent lights. LED lighting is needs an initial investment that will last for many years with a sustainable illumination in home residence as well as commercial business premises. When used in public venues, building and large scale municipality settings it will lead to a substantial cost saving in maintenance.

  •    Savings on electricity bills

LED lights make use to less power (watt) per unit of light (lumen) that is generated. Thus, they not only last longer however reduce your electricity bills providing 100 or even 200 lumen per watt.

  •    Non-toxic and environmentally friendly alternative

It save electricity bill thus saves money. Not only this, it also lasts longer apart from this LED the greenest solution that is available in today’s market. Since they are free from any toxic materials they are 100% recyclable. LED releases lesser amount of CO2 sulfur oxide and nuclear waste in the environment. Considering the threat of global warming LED bulbs are the advisable bulbs so far.

  •    Flexibility in designs and color options availability

These are available in varied shapes sizes and colors. They fit both homes as well as commercial set up. These can be dynamically controlled by remote controls to dim or brighten up the lights. A well-designed illumination system offers amazing lighting effects that can be changed as per mood.

Efficiency, lifespan, ecological factors, flexibility is designed; Money saving by lower electricity bills are few of the advantages of a LED lighting. If you are thinking of changing the lighting of your house or office LED can make a perfect choice. Start saving money and enjoy the benefits for a longer period of time with Param LED!

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