5 Myths To Know About LED Light Products

LEDs have quickly become the most preferred form of lighting around the world, gaining traction due to their cost effectiveness, relative safety and easy availability worldwide. LED lighting product manufacturers are easily found around the globe and no doubt have an edge over other traditional lighting systems like CFLs and incandescent lightings. LEDs have been around for a decade and there is a cloud of misinformation about their usefulness and safety, due to the stronghold on the market by conventional lighting manufacturers. Today in this article we will bust the the top 5 myths that are doing the rounds about LEDs and how they are better over CFL, incandescent, neon and other forms of lighting

  1. LEDs are expensive: While it was true that when LEDs were initially rolled out in the market, the cost of LEd products were higher as compared to other options. With continuous advancement in technology, the cost of LED products are on a downwards spiral, as more and more manufacturers and users move towards them. LED product manufacturing companies in India are no exception and if you visit your nearest lighting shop you can see for yourself that the off the shelf cost of LED products is comparable to CFLs and incandescent options. LEDs now, not only have lower off the shelf costs but will also drastically cut down on your power bill, which we will discuss in the next point.
  2. Power savings: While CFLs have traditionally been marketed as a power saving option, clinical trials have proven that LEDs consume anywhere from 50-70% less energy than CFLs and the figure is even higher when compared to incandescent and Neon! Considering their lower retail price and the reduced power bills, if you are looking to cut down on energy consumption then you should definitely consider replacing the lighting at your home and office with LEDs.
  3. LEDs are not eco friendly: LEDs are one of the most eco friendly lighting options that are available in the market today. LEDs are devoid of harmful chemicals like mercury and argon, which are present in conventional lighting. The extraction of these chemicals take a toll on the environment. Also LEDs by the virtue of less power consumption, is also an eco friendly option when compared to CFLs and incandescent.
  4. LEDs are not good quality: Again, during trails at laboratories, it was found that LED bulbs emit much whiter and better quality light when compared to incandescent lights.  While the quality of CFL lights is comparable, LEDs are still a better option considering their power consumption and easy availability.
  5. LEDs do not have much options: This cannot be further from the truth. Apart from tube lights and bulbs, the technology used in LEDs, enable them to be manufactured in a number of ways like flat roof panels, conical hangers etc.

We have told you briefly about the top 5 myths about LED which have been misleading consumers and forcing them to steer clear of them. We at Param LED would love to hear from you in case you have any further questions regarding anything about LEDs. We hope this blog has been informative for you.

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